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Midea was founded in 1968, with 52 years' development. Midea has become a technology group with 4 main business areas:

  • Consumer Appliance, featuring kitchen appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, and various small domestic appliances
  • HVAC, a leading brand & manufacturer in global air-conditioning industry
  • Robotics & Automation, Wide range of technologies, products and industrial solutions in motion control, robotics and industrial automation
  • Digital Business, technology - driven industrial upgrading and distribution.

Its balanced business structure is relying both on domestic and overseas markets.

Corporate Data

Total Revenue 40.5 B USD (CY 2019)
Annual Net Profit 3.67 B USD (CY 2019)
Number of Employees 150K (CY 2019)
S&P/Moody's/Fitch A-/A3/A- (Credit Ratings)
Production Centers 34
R&D Centers 28

Our Values

Carried on traditional culture and embrace future


Integrate with the world, to inspire your future


Bring great innovations to life


Embrace what's next

  • Aspiration
  • Collaboration
  • Dedication
  • Innovation